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Int'l level BHS invented by enterprise of Yunnan

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Photo shows a large baggage handling system. [File photo]

In China, baggage handling system (BHS) market has been monopolized by foreign countries. Domestic enterprises have only invented simple belt conveyor and baggage sorting device used in small and medium size airports. The Kunming Shipping Equipment Group Co. Ltd has got achievement on the BHS invention. This BHS is an international advanced and the largest luggage sorting system in China. It has already been used in Lijiang Airport and will be used in Kunming's new international airport.

The shipping company has invented more than 10 key stand-alone apparatuses for the BHS. The system has been listed in one of the top 10 scientific and technological advancements in Yunnan. During the period of the invention, 11 key apparatuses have passed the testing of the National Engineering Machinery Quality Inspection and Supervision Center and awarded use permit of civil airport. The company has applied for inventive patent and got 4 practical new-type patents.

Compared to foreign countries, the BHS and its service chare is priced 70% and 15% of the same levels’.

The BHS is a type of conveyor system installed in airports that transports checked luggage from ticket counters to areas where the bags can be loaded onto airplanes. A BHS also transports checked baggage coming from airplanes to baggage claims or to an area where the bag can be loaded onto another airplane. It is the largest and most complex system in the establishment of a modern airport and one of the key electromechanical apparatus for ground handling services. It combines modern logistics technology and drug manufacture. Technology of BHS is difficult. The system requires high reliability and security.(Editor:Tina He)

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