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Kunming listed in "2011 China’s charming cities"

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Kunming has been listed in "the 2011 China’s charming cities", issued by the 7th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC) in Beijing Great Hall of the People, April 21.

Economic, administration and social systems have been reforming and innovating in Kunming in recent years, laying foundations for the city’s development. Economy, culture, environment and living conditions have been improving.

Kunming has already been listed in "International Tourism Cities", China’s "Garden Cities", "Happiest Cities", "Best Cities with International Image" and "Top 10 Attractive Cities", marking that the city has been internationalizing.

The charming cites are evaluated by the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Association(WEA)annually. The valuation aims to display the cities’ image and promote their economic development.

There are 6 evaluation factors for the 2011 China’s charming cities: economic growth,harmony, government’s service efficiency, basic environmental construction, peculiar resources and development capabilities.

The WEA has been founded in the nineties last century. The WEA is mainly grouped up by top 500 Chinese billionaires. With the tenet of "communion, cooperation and development", the WEA holds Chinese merchants all over the world together.

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