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Yunnan's farmers change the way of earning money

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Farmers in two villages take their farmland, forestland, walnut trees as shares to be shareholders, which will pay back them with 20% shares in dividends and more than 1,000 yuan wages at least each month. It is the first time it happens in China.

Huanglian and Maocao are two a villages in Yongping County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The local government devotes efforts to help farmers get rich. And a new company was set up by a company who holds 80% shares by investing RMB 8 million and the local farmers who hold the other 20% shares base on their farmland, forestland, walnut trees. Their development projects will cover American pecan and local bubble walnut planting, rare animals raising, tourism and entertainment business.

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