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Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

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Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is a multi-level and large-scale enterprise that organically integrated several industries together. The business includes general project contracts, real estate development, urban construction investment and development, building construction, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, commercial concrete and production of related materials, steel structure construction, road and bridge construction, water conservancy construction, large-scale foundation construction, building materials and equipments supplying and marketing, building research, survey and design and construction labour services. At present, Yunnan Construction Engineering Group has all together 27 wholly-owned subsidiaries, holding companies, foreign institutions and enterprises directly under its charge. The number of its employee is 36,699. And it currently has a gross asset of 11.714 billion Yuan in total. Both the total turnover and contract amount surpassed 20 billion Yuan. And the construction areas add up to 600 million square meters.

Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co.has the A-level  construction qualification and the other about 90 related special qualifications. It is elected as one of the 60 top Chinese contractors for five years consecutively from 2004 to 2008; it also hold one place among the top 50 domestic contractors who have outstanding achievemrnts. Besides, it is one of the two enterprises that have been elected as   members of top 500 Chinese enterprises for 17 years consecutively. It definitely take the lead even among the 100 top construction enterprises in Yunnan.

Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has been entitled to foreign business, import and export trading, labour export and A-level construction qualifications regarding foreign aid projects by National Ministry of Commerce. It has an exclusively established international engineering department. Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has seized the opportunity and began to go into the Asian and African construction and engineering markets. We had more than 100 construction projects such as construction of hotels, hospitals, residence zones, stadiums, airport terminals, office building and substations in many foreign countries, among which the Republic of Yemen, Mauritius, Cameroon, Iraq, Maldives, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea are included. All of these construction projects are highly praised by the proprietors and the leaders of these countries.

Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. will take full of its advantage as an integrated whole to the better development of the international and domestic construction market. And we will positively serve our international and domestic customers with good credibility, scientific management and serious and responsible attitude.

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