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HongyunHonghe Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd.

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Hongyunhonghe Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. is called Hongyunhonghe Group for short,which constituted of a combination of former Hongyun Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. And.Honghe Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. on 8th November 2008. Its headquarters was set upin Kunming of China. It is the 5th largest corporation in terms of cigarette production and sales worldwide and its market share exceed 235 billion cigarettes.

Hongyunhonghe Group takes cigarette production and sales as its main business and owns six cigarette factories and two stock companies. The group consists of Kunming.

Cigarette Factory, Honghe Cigarette Factory, Qujing Cigarette Factory, Huize Cigarette

Factory, Xinjiang Cigarette Factory, and Ulanhot Cigarette Factory. It controls the stocksof Shanxi-Kunming Tobacco Company Limited and invests shares in Inner NongoliaKunming Cigarette Company Limited. Its investment covers trade & business, printing,logistics, hotels, schools and hospitals with total assets of more than 48 billion RMB.

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