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Yunnan Road & Bridge Construction Co. Ltd.

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Yunnan Road & Bridge Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 350 million Yuan. It is the only state-controlled enterprise in the road building system of Yunnan province. With the foreign business license, first-rank road construction qualification and professional qualification in road, bridge, and tunnel construction, second-rank of airport expressway and municipal facility construction qualification, it is the backbone enterprise of transportation system construction in Yunnan Province. It is also the first joint-stock company that in standarized operation thus is now preparing to be a listed company. With more than 1000 sets of professional construction and testing equipments made by many celebrated domestic and foreign manufacturers, we work effectively in the construction of bridges, tunnels, roads and subgrades and have 2 billion Yuan output value annually.

Business scope: Constructions and engineering surveying and mapping of roads, bridges, tunnels, irrigation system, municipal utility and house; Research, development and application of new construction materials; research and development of road monitoring system; investment in biological engineering, real estate, electrical power, tourism, environmental protection and information industry; contracting  overseas road construction project and international bidding project,  exporting materials and equipments, overseas construction labour that are needed in the aforementioned projects.

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