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Yunnan Construction Engineeting Group Corporation Introduction

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China Yunann Construction Engineering Group Corporation was firstly founded in 1953 and restructured in 1993 by reforming its preceding organization—Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Corporation and other affiliated companies with the approval of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province.

As a state-owned back-bone enterprise under direct leadership of the People’s Government of Yunnan Province, CYCEGC has been striving actively and effectively both in domestic and overseas construction markets and has established itself as the No.1 construction conglomerate in Yunnan province ever since its foundation with increasing comprehensive power and capability.

CYCEGC together with its 27 subsidiary companies both incorporated at home and abroad now has totally 36699 staff, 6683 of which are engineers, and 570 of them are senior professionals. The Group also has a huge experienced and skilled working force numbering over 20,779. The Group registered capital is RMB 997 million Yuan (146 million US dollars), gross assets is RMB 5.9 billion Yuan (868 million US dollars), net assets amounts RMB 1.7 billion Yuan (251 million US dollars). The whole group averagely realizes an annual turnover exceeding RMB 10 billion Yuan (1.47 billion US dollars) with completed floor area over 5 million square meters per year.

The Group has more than 90 qualification certificates for various construction projects and CYCEGC has been granted the Grade A Qualification Certificate for general contracting of various civil and industrial construction projects. By 2008, it has been successively listed by ENR in the Top 60 Chinese Contractors for 5 times, selected as one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises for 17 times, also the most competitive construction firm in Yunnan province. By the end of 2008, CYCEGC has won 15 national construction awards known as “Luban” award, 21 Silver Medals of National Quality Engineering, 1 nomination award of “Zhan Tianyou Grand Civil Works Award”, 52 scientific development awards conferred by the national and provincial government authority for its quality construction and management in project execution and contribution in economy development, and over 303 normal prizes issued either by Ministry of Construction or provincial authority for its excellent performance.



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