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Kunming Light Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd

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Kunming Light Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has rich experience of producing all kinds of machinery and equipment. It is assigned as the only manufacturer to produce tobacco processing equipment for China National Tobacco Corporation. It is also one of the strongest enterprises that produce machinery and equipments for road and bridge construction, mining and refining. It mainly engages in the machinery and equipment and accessories used for tobacco, food, packaging, printing, spices, beer, and sugar producing or processing. Besides, it also engages in non-standard equipment design, creation-installation methods, bridge engineering, creation-installation of large roof trusses. The company has 7 subsidiaries, 13 departments, centers and studios and 4 production workshops. It has a total asset value of 30.82 million Yuan, a capital asset of 15,193,000 Yuan, and an equipment asset of 12.56 million Yuan. In addition, it has more than 300 kinds (sets) of engineering machinery and equipment.

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