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Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Co., Ltd.

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Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in February 1939 with its headquarter in Anning, a city lies on the southeast of  Kunming, Yunnan province. It is one of the largest industrial enterprises and top 500 Chinese strongest enterprises; it is the largest iron and steel joint production base in Yunnan province. Now it has a steel production capacity of 7,000,000 tons annually. It is a super enterprise that fully integrated steel metallurgy, coal chemical industry, mining, heavy equipment manufacturing, cement and other building materials producing, real estate, modern logistics, engineering design and overseas business as a whole.  In 2009, it has a sales revenue of 41 billion Yuan, a tax revenue of 2.8 billion Yuan and an industrial added value of 5.7 billion. Up to the end of 2009, it has developed 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 8 holding subsidiaries , 2 shareholder subsidiaries. It has an asset value of 37 billion Yuan and more than 28,000 workers in the post.

The company has advanced equipments as high-speed wire rod, rolling bar line, 2000m 3 blast furnace and two-rack compact steckel mill. The main products of this company are high-speed wire rod, thread steel, hot rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet and color coated galvanized steel sheet. These products all conform to the ISO9002 quality system standard and are the most ready sale both in and outside of Yunnan province. Besides, these products were exported to Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries. Among the related multiple industries, cement industry has four new dry process cement clinker production line, which has a production capacity of 13000t / d; coal industry has an annual output of 2.8 million tons of coke and coking products, while the deep processing capacity is 200,000 tons or more; In 9 years, more than 194 million square meters of real estate were developed thus it gained a strong capability of real estate development; With 4 million tons of iron production and the most advanced development in the world, Dahongshan Iron Mine has gained four national prizes as the first one. Now our company is cooperating with such neighbouring countries as Vietnam and Laos to the exploitation of iron ore and the establishment of steel factories.

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